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The easiest way to submit a prime is to click on the links on the bottom of your prover-account page. Here is the index to these pages:

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Create a New Prover-Account

If you are a new prover and have a prime to submit, then click here to create a prover-account. This entry will be removed if you either fail to submit a prime or misuse the page in any way. New prover-accounts will not show up in the index or be linked in, until a prime is submitted. After you create a prover-account, there will be a link on the bottom of your page to create a proof-code.

Create a New Proof-Code

Every prime is submitted with a proof-code like 'g234' or 'L23' which specifies which programs were used, which projects were involved... Most provers just need one (sometimes two) such codes, but if you have changed which programs you are using then you should change the code to accurately reflect this. To do so use the links on the bottom of your prover-account page. (You must first have a prover-account before you can create a code.) We want proof-codes to be as accurate, and as few in number, as possible.

A Comment on a Prime

Go to the page for that prime and click on "User Comments".

Contact the Editors?

Use the "Mail Editor" link on the left (under "Join In"). These pages are for you--so we need your comments!

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