Create a New Prover-Account

A prover-account is used to credit persons, projects and programs with the primes they find--they store the basic biographical and contact information. You must have one to submit primes (but you never need more than one). For examples, just peruse the prover's index (linked in the menu).

Currently only person accounts can be created without editor intervention. If you need a program or project account, create it as a person below, then use the CONTACT link to e-mail the editor.

We only need four pieces of information to create a prover-account. Obviously we need a name to credit with any discoveries you submit and we need to know which part of it is your surname. (Please use your real name and save your creativity for the username.) We must have an e-mail address so we can mail you a password and can contact you with any questions. Of course you also need a username (which you will use to access your entries). You will have the opportunity to add more information later if you want to.

The full name of the person. This should be your real name!

What username do you want?   Only letters, no spaces, punctuation marks...
Your surname (last name or family name; used for alphabetizing and prover lists). Only letters, no spaces, punctuation marks...c
What e-mail address can we use to contact you? (This e-mail address will not be published unless you later request it.)

Technical Notes:

  1. All parts of the form must be filled for your submission to be accepted.
  2. After you create a prover-account, you must next create a proof-code. These are different steps because the prover-account describes you, and the proof-code describes the programs and projects involved in finding the prime. You will have only one prover-account, but you might have different codes for each different combinations of programs and projects you are involved with.
  3. A password will be mailed to the e-mail address listed above. This password is necessary to submit primes, add images or text to your entry...
  4. This entry may be removed immediately if the e-mail address is determined to be invalid.
  5. This entry will not appear in the index until you submit a prime and will be removed if you do not submit a valid prime in the next 30 days.
  6. You may not use HTML tags in the above fields.
  7. We prefer that the names are listed personal name first then the family name: 'John W. Smith'. Please do not use all capitals. Save your creativity for the username. Finding a record prime is a good reason to use your real name.
  8. The editors reserve the right to edit all fields of all entries.
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