This number is a prime.

+ The smallest prime of the form 59n + 1.

+ The smallest prime whose cube is the sum of three prime cubes: 709^3 is 193^3 + 461^3 + 631^3. [Rivera]

+ 709 ones followed by 709 is prime. [Wilson]

+ The smallest emirp whose binary representation (10110001012) is also an emirp in base ten. [Beedassy]

+ The number on General Esperanza's cargo plane in the movie "Die Hard 2."

+ 709 equals p(p(p(p(p(p(p(1))))))), where p(n) is the nth prime number. [Keith]

+ The sum of the first six Honaker numbers. [Whitt]

+ The first Cyclops emirp formed in the decimal expansion of e. [Bajpai]

+ 61307 and the reversal of the 61307th prime number have the same sum of divisors. i.e., 709. [Gaydos]

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