E-Mail the Editors

The Prime Curios! web site currently has two editors with very different responsibilities:

G. L. Honaker, Jr., the content editor, came up with the idea of this collection.  He makes all final decisions on content and writes most of the curios.  If you would like to praise the collection, suggest a rewording, or have a question about the content, then you want to talk to G. L.

Reginald McLean, the technical editor, runs the server; manages the database; and does the PHP, MySQL, perl and HTML programming.  If an index fails, or you get strange error messages, or a search does something odd, then you need to talk to Reginald.

For the Prime Curios! book the roles were shared between G. L. Honaker, Jr. and Chris Caldwell.

Send mail to:
    the content editor: G. L. Honaker, Jr.
    the technical editor: Reginald McLean
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