This number is a prime.

+ The square of 307 is palindromic.

+ El Salvador has 307 kilometers of coastline.

+ 307 has period length 13 + 53 + 33.

+ The Area Code for Wyoming is 307.

+ The smallest number that is the sum of any set of primes containing all digits: 2 + 5 + 41 + 67 + 83 + 109 = 307. [Gallardo]

+ In the movie The Odd Couple, when Felix checks into a hotel, the first room the desk clerk tries to assign him is 307. [Litman]

+ The largest number that you can type in Excel is 9.999 * 10307. If you type in a larger number, Excel will treat it as a character string. [Andrew]

+ The Grass Roots set a record for being on the Billboard charts 307 straight weeks. This was bound to happen "sooner or later."

+ Curious Book Shop is a used and rare book store located in downtown East Lansing, Michigan (307 East Grand River Avenue).

+ Smallest of the first case of seven consecutive primes that remain prime if you eliminate their first digit. [Loungrides]

+ Smallest nonpalindromic prime with a palindromic square. The next one is 30001253. [Gaydos]

+ The smallest prime whose reversal is a Kaprekar number. [Loungrides]

+ 307 permutations of the digits of 2^20 (1048576) are prime numbers. [Gaydos]

+ Dmitry Kamenetski found that if f(0)=307, then f(n)=3*f(n-1)-574 generates thirteen distinct primes in a row. [Rivera]

+ 307 is the smallest prime for which 2 and 3 are cubic residues. That is, the congruences x^3=2 and x^3=3 mod 307 both have three solutions. [Drost]

+ 307 and its prime index (63) are both reverse triangular numbers. Are there any more examples of this property? [Gaydos]

+ Arnault once found a composite number for which all bases less than 307 are strong liars.

+ "Family Circus" {tm} comic of October 23, 2022, shows a bedside digital clock display of 3:07.

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