This number is a prime.

+ There are exactly 1229 prime numbers less than ten thousand. [Haga]

+ 1229 = 1234-5. [Silva]

+ The smallest emirp that is the sum of the squares of first n Smith numbers (4^2 + 22^2 + 27^2 = 1229). It is also expressible as the sum of two squares (2^2 + 35^2). [Bajpai]

+ Only non-titanic emirp, that is the product of a repunit number and all its truncations plus eight, i.e., 111*11*1+8. [Gupta]

+ The smallest multidigit Sophie Germain prime and emirp p such that Reversal(p) is also a Sophie Germain prime and p+2 is also an emirp. [Sariyar]

+ Largest number n (also prime) such that number of digits of n equals the number of digits of the n-th prime. [Sariyar]

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