Rules and guidelines for submitting comments on primes

Note, these are user comments and the editors have not verified their accuracy or appropriateness.  Please let us know (using the links on the left) if you have any questions or comments.

Why allow comments?

The purpose of the database is to encourage the sharing of information about prime numbers.  Often the large primes are found for special purposes or using special techniques.  The comments should support this mission. 

Guidelines for comments:

We would like to see:
  1. Proof information for primes this site has not yet verified (usually because the proof technique is long or involved).
  2. Comments that explain why a prime is *mathematically* interesting (e.g., "this is the eighth prime found by the Seventeen or Bust project in its effort to prove the Sierpinski conjecture" with appropriate links).
We created the comments to allow:
  1. Properties of primes that are not archivable yet still have mathematical merit. For example, we have deemed a very short list of Generalized Fermat divisibility properties archivable. You might list other small bases for which there is divisibility.
But this is not a place for Prime Curios!, we have an entire database for those.

We would like to avoid:

  1. Silly names attached to primes: "Caldwell prime of the second kind"
We will remove (and possible block posters from writing future comments):
  1. Messages between users, attacks, complements, congratulations...  This is an informational database, not a bulletin board.
  2. Incorrect comments.
  3. Improper or foul language--this site should be appropriate for learners of all ages!
  4. Distracting or annoying HTML code.
So always use common sense and just post what would be acceptable to the mathematical community.

Who can comment

Currently commenting is limited to those provers in the database that have at least one prime, and who have not yet lost the privilege to post comments. 

Final note

User comments are an experimental feature of this database and these rules and conditions are all subject to change at anytime without notice. 
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