This number is a prime.

+ The smallest prime that can be expressed in the form x2 + ny2 for all values of n from 1 to 10. [Ashbacher]

+ The smallest prime or emirp greater than a thousand. [Gevisier]

+ The smallest prime whose fifth power is pandigital (i.e., containing all digits from 0 to 9). [Gupta]

+ The smallest number which is the sum of three distinct positive cubes in more than one way: 13 + 23 + 103 and 43 + 63 + 93. [Beedassy]

+ The smallest prime, when written in English, that contains the letter 'a.' [Patterson]

+ The smallest emirp which yields an emirpimes when turned upside down. [Capelle]

+ MIX's model number in Donald Knuth's monograph, The Art of Computer Programming. ("MIX" equals 1009 in Roman numerals.) [Nowacki]

+ The sum of the cubes of the first three semiprimes. [Silva]

+ The smallest prime with a non-prime number of only non-prime digits. [Beedassy]

+ The smallest odd prime number of "hyperforests" on n unlabeled nodes (case n=9). [Post]

+ The smallest emirp with a multiplicative persistence equal to its digital root. [Beedassy]

+ The smallest emirp that can be represented as sum of a prime plus its reversal in two ways, i.e., 257+752=653+356. [Loungrides]

+ In the 2002 movie Minority Report, John Anderton goes upstairs to room 1009, then realizes that Leo Crow is really in room 1006. [Wesolowski]

+ There were 1009 distinct submitters on the website "Prime Curios!" as of Friday the 13th, 2018. [Homewood]

+ The smallest prime p such that p^2 (1018081) and (reversal(p))^2 (81018001) each contain all of cube digits {0, 1, 8} only. [Bajpai]

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