This number is a prime.

+ The Moscow Puzzles: 359 Mathematical Recreations was authored by a Russian high school teacher named Boris A. Kordemsky and edited by Martin Gardner.

+ In the Star Trek fictional universe, the Battle of Wolf 359 was the Federation's first major battle against a group of cyborgs.

+ 359 = -1 + 23 * 45. [Kulsha]

+ The 359th, 360th and 361st digits of π are 360. [Croll]

+ 2#*3#*5# - 1 is an emirp. [Patterson]

+ The first prime (emirp) p of the type p=q*R(q)-(q+R(q)) where R(q) is the reversal of q. (Case q=13). [Loungrides]

+ Day 359 of the non-leap year is not "naughty," but nice. Not only is it the largest prime ordinal day of the year, it's also Christmas Day. [Kringle]

+ Galileo was pardoned 359 years after his imprisonment for heresy by Pope John Paul II.

+ The smallest emirp that gives other emirps when sandwiched between two n's in two ways (13591, 73597). [Loungrides]

+ Largest known prime partial sum of number of connected planar graphs with n edges: 1 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 5 + 12 + 30 + 79 + 227 = 359 is prime. [Post]

+ The smallest Sophie Germain prime (emirp) whose reversal is another (953*2+1 is prime). [Silva]

+ 359 = prime(phi(3*5*9)) = prime(phi(3*5*9 + 3+5+9)). It is the only known multidigit number with this property. [Firoozbakht]

+ Sum of the digits of 359 equals the sum of the powered prime factors of its prime index. [Streeton]

+ This emirp can be represented as the product of the positive even digits minus the sum of the odd digit, i.e., 2*4*6*8-(1+3+5+7+9). [Loungrides]

+ The largest emirp that consists of odd digits concatenated in ascending order. [Loungrides]

+ Cosmos 359 was a failed Venus lander attempt by the USSR (August 22, 1970).

+ Three of the six permutations of the digits of 359 are prime numbers and all three are Sophie Germain primes (359, 593, and 953). [Gaydos]

+ The only odd-digit emirp that can be represented as product of a double-digit even number and its reversal minus 1, i.e, 60*06-1=359. [Loungrides]

+ The first 359 composite numbers total exactly a thousand digits. [Gaydos]

+ The orbit height for Sputnik 1 was 359 miles. [Wells]

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