This number is a prime.

+ Elvis Presley had no less than 149 songs to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 popularity chart in the United States. [Blanchette]

+ There are 149 ways to put 8 queens on a 7-by-7 chessboard so that each queen attacks exactly one other queen. [Gardner]

+ The smallest emirp formed from the digits of three consecutive perfect squares. [Gupta]

+ The smallest three-digit prime containing 4 perfect squares, i.e., 1, 4, 9, 49. [Capelle]

+ 149 is the smallest prime which retains the end (unit) digit of its successor (139). E. g., the next such prime is 191 which comes after 181. [Murthy]

+ The only known prime in the concatenate square sequence. There are no others within the first 14916 terms. Note that a prime in the concatenate cube sequence has yet to be found.

+ 149 and 191 are both prime. So are both 149*2^191+1 and 191*2^149+1. [Hartley]

+ The smallest 3-digit prime with distinct digits in each position such that inserting a zero between any two digits creates a new prime. [Patterson]

+ 149 = 6^2 + 7^2 + 8^2. [Schlesinger]

+ 149 is equal to the sum of two squares as well as is equal to the sum (in arithmetic progression) of three primes which are not sum of two squares: 23 + 43 + 83 = 149. [Teofilatto]

+ The smallest emirp with no prime digits. [Beedassy]

+ The smallest emirp that yields another when each digit d is repeated d times: 14444999999999. [Silva]

+ The numbers π(149)*149! - prime(149) and π(149)*149! + prime(149) are primes with prime length. [Firoozbakht]

+ 149 is prime, but 1149, 2149, ..., 9149 are all composite. This is the smallest excluding two trivial prime numbers 2 and 5. [Poo Sung]

+ The smallest prime partial sum of extravagant numbers, also called prodigal numbers, or wasteful numbers: 4 + 6 + 8 + 9 + 12 + 18 + 20 + 22 + 24 + 26 = 149. [Post]

+ The smallest number whose binary representation (100101012) corresponds in base ten to an anti-Yarborough prime with equal number of 0's and 1's. [Beedassy]

+ The smallest emirp formed from semiprimes. [Silva]

+ 149 in binary is 10010101. The zeros are in prime positions 2, 3, 5 and 7, when read left-to-right. These are the four single-digit prime numbers. [Homewood]

+ The largest 3-digit prime with distinct digits that creates another distinct-digit prime, i.e., 164729, when each of its digits is replaced by its cube. [Loungrides]

+ The smallest number that is the sum of proper substrings of its reversal: 149 = 9 + 4 + 1 + 94 + 41. [Homewood]

+ The smallest n (prime) such that the sum of the first n-1 digits of 1/n is beastly. [Sand]

+ Between 1 and 9 there are 4 primes. [Harber]

+ The smallest prime number for which the sum of the square roots of the cubes of its digits equals its product of digits. [Gaydos]

+ The sum of three consecutive squares (the middle one being 1*49) is equal to the concatenation of the first three consecutive squares {1~4~9}. Note that π(149) = -1+4*9. [Worrom]

+ 149-0 is the world record for a football match between A S Adema and Stade Olympic L'Emyrne in Madagascar. The winners never gained possession in the entire match. [Homewood]

+ The smallest case of the product of the nth prime number and the nth composite number being a beast number is 859 * 194 = 166646 (n=149). [Gaydos]

+ The sum of the first 149 positive integers with digits in ascending order is 149^2. [Gaydos]

+ The U.S.A.F. System Requirement designation number issued in 1956 for an atomic-powered (i.e. ceramic-reactor powered), ram-jet driven, unmanned 'cruise missile'.

+ 70p is weird for all primes p ≥ 149.

+ 149 is a Pythagorean emirp. [Anitha]

+ The blue California license plate of David Mann's Plymouth Valiant in the cult film "Duel" is 149 PCE. [Olry]

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