This number is a prime.

+ "1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours" is a collection of early recordings by Green Day (an American rock band formed in 1987). [Rupinski]

+ The center prime number in the smallest possible 3-by-3 prime magic square consisting of primes in arithmetic progression (but not consecutive).

+ The first prime with four distinct digits. [Pyne]

+ 1039 different resistances can be formed by using less than ten 1-ohm resistors in series or parallel. [Gudipati]

+ The smaller member in the first pair of consecutive primes where each are Honaker primes (also called Honaker brothers): {1039, 1049}.

+ The smallest prime that is the sum of three consecutive palindromic primes beginning and ending with the first odd prime digit, i.e., (313 + 353 + 373). [Loungrides]

+ The smallest Honaker prime that is an anagram of another Honaker prime (9103). [Gaydos]

+ If we call numbers of the form 2^k that contain the digits 666 "apocalyptic powers," then there are an infinite family of apocalyptic powers of the form 666362864775460604089535377456991567872 mod 1039. [Rickert]

+ You might be happy to know that there are exactly 1039 primes in the first ten thousand happy numbers. [Gaydos]

+ 1039 is the first four-digit distinct-digit prime. [Seidov]

+ The record for the world’s largest gathering of vampires – or just people dressed as them – is held by Ed Kuhlmann, who organized 1039 participants dressed as vampires in Doswell, Virginia, in 2011. [Guinness]

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