This number is a prime.

+ The largest palindromic two-sided prime (both right and left-truncatable). [Gupta]

+ The only smoothly undulating palindromic prime less than a googol of the form 7(97)k. [Loungrides]

+ A palindromic prime as "father" for a 5-chain (797,179,131,11,2) of primes: sum of squared digits of predecessor has to be a prime again and gives successor which is repeated as long as possible and ends here in only even and smallest prime. [Herault]

+ The smallest palindromic prime that is sum of two consecutive multidigit palindromes: {393 and 404}. [Bajpai]

+ This prime is formed from the largest primes of one and two digits. The sum of its digits is the prime formed from the first two prime digits. [Silva]

+ In a room of 797 people, a greater than 50% chance exists that eight of the people will share a common birthday.

+ Largest palindromic prime such that sum of its digits is greater than number of palindromic primes up to it. [Gupta]

+ The smallest palindromic prime that is the sum of three consecutive sphenic numbers: (258 + 266 + 273). [Bajpai]

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