This number is a prime.

+ The smallest 4-digit prime such that any substring of length 2 yields only distinct primes (11, 17, 71). [De Geest]

+ The smallest prime equal to the sum of two palindromic Smith numbers (535, 636). [Loungrides]

+ The beast number raised to the power 1171 does not contain 666. Metin Sariyar conjectures that 1171 is the largest prime with this property.

+ The Oribatid mite can lift over 1171 times its own weight.

+ 1171, the 1171st Sophie Germain prime (99839), and the sum of the first 1171 Sophie Germain primes (52055046) have no digits in common with each other. Is there a larger example with this property? [Gaydos]

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