This number is a prime.

+ A palindromic prime that is the sum of three consecutive primes, while at the same time serving as the middle prime of a set of three consecutive primes whose sum is another palindromic prime. [Trotter]

+ A pair of twin primes surround 60n2 + 30n - 30 for each value of n from 1 to 13. Note that 10501 is the largest prime in this sequence. [Blanchette]

+ 10501 = 797+787+757+727+383+373+353+313+191+181+151+131+101+11+101+131+151+181+191+313+353+373+383+727+757+787+797. [Silva]

+ The smallest prime in the first 5-digit Gridgeman pair. [Olry]

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