14666...66641 (34111-digits)

This number is a probable-prime (likely to be a prime but we have not (re-)proven it on this site).

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The palindrome (14665*10^34110-56641)/9999 is probably prime. The decimal expansion of this number contains 8527 instances of Nelson Mandela's prison number, 46664. This number of instances is less than the number of days that elapsed between his sentence of life imprisonment, on 12 June 1964, and his release from jail, on 11 February 1990. In October 2003, he said "46664 was my prison number. For over 18 years I was imprisoned on Robben Island, known just as a number. Millions of people today infected with AIDS are just that - a number. They too are serving a prison sentence - for life." [Broadhurst]

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