This number is a prime.

+ Penélope Cruz has 883 tattooed on her right ankle. According to numerologist Christine DeLorey, author of the hit book Life Cycles, eight and three are the actress's main numbers in life. Eight stands for money, power, and success, while three stands for skill in communications and creativity. The second eight is used to strengthen the power of the first eight.

+ 8n + 8n + 3n is prime for n = 0 to 4. [Neofytou]

+ 883 remains prime when 2 is subtracted from any of its digits, i.e., 683, 863, 881 are primes. Can you find a larger prime with the same property? [Loungrides]

+ The population of Edgewater, Alabama, in the 2010 census. See PC743. [Homewood]

+ 883 is an Italian pop rock duo. [Travis]

+ C8H8O3 is a phenolic aldehyde named Vanillin. It is the primary component of the extract of the vanilla bean. [Bajpai]

+ The sum of digits of 883 is prime and the sum of the squares, cubes and biquadratics of its digits is also prime. [Anitha]

+ The RMS Titanic was 883 feet in length. [Kings]

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