This number is a prime.

+ (Golden Ratio)^17 is almost exactly 3571 (the 500th prime). The first three powers of 6n-1 and 6n+1 all give close approximations to prime numbers. [Homewood]

+ The only distinct-odd-digit Lucas emirp. [Loungrides]

+ The first disparity of 2 occurs at the 500th term of the "Hamlet Sequence." That is to say, at 3571. [Gaydos]

+ The 500th prime number (3571) and the 500th semiprime (1735) are the smallest such pair that are anagrams of each other. [Gaydos]

+ More than 3571 years ago, an Egyptian named Ahmes wrote a pypyrus on which he recorded differently those fractions whose denominators were prime numbers.

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