This number is a prime.

+ A prime number embedded in the decimal expansion of π. [Gardner]

+ The squares and cubes of this prime, in reverse concatenation, are primes. [Silva]

+ The six-digit combination to Ellie's small office safe in the novel Contact by Carl Sagan.

+ 314159 is a twin prime formed from three two-digit primes that are all members of twin prime pairs. [Silva]

+ Vasilios Gardiakos points out in his "Document Alpha" that 314159 is an emirp.

+ Thr sum of the digits of this emirp raised to themselves powers is another emirp. [Silva]

+ If A=3, B=1, C=4, D=1, E=5, F=9, ... , (using the digits of π), then 'THREE ONE FOUR ONE FIVE NINE' is prime. [Homewood]

+ Unfortunately, A314159 at OEIS involves tilings, and not π. [Ipson]

+ As of 3 February 2022, the largest known "happy prime" formed from the first n digits of π (case n=6). [Gupta]

+ {31, 41, 59} are the first three terms in the sequence of prime numbers that form composites when written in base-4 and read as base-10. [Honaker]

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