This number is a prime.

+ The highest point on the territory of Minsk, Belarus is 283 meters above sea level. 283 is prime! [Kulsha]

+ 283 = (6! - 5! - 4! - 3! - 2! - 1! - 0!)/2. [Vatshelle]

+ The smallest prime factor of the first composite numerator of a Bernoulli number.

+ The smallest prime number less than the sum of cubic roots of all primes up to himself. [Gallardo]

+ The largest non-titanic prime that can be expressed as the sum of two consecutive numbers to their own powers, i.e., n^n + (n+1)^(n+1), (n=3). [Patterson]

+ 283 is the (2*8*3 + 2+8+3)th prime. Note that 283 is the smallest such prime. [Firoozbakht]

+ The first number n > 3 for which ((10^4n)+1)/10001 is prime.

+ The smallest prime adjacent to any amicable number. [Loungrides]

+ The Japanese robot-staffed Henn-na Hotel chain once "fired" 283 employees for incompetence. [Fukuda]

+ The smallest base-4 pandigital prime: 283 (dec) = 10123 (base-4). [Goelz]

+ Pennsylvania is 283 miles long, from east to west.

+ The Bonhoeffer Music Museum includes 283 blue, button-down Oxford shirts.

+ The Van der Waals radius of radium in picometers. [Morris]

+ 283 is the smallest prime p such that the any divisor of p-1 or p+1 added to p produces no prime. Is 283 the largest prime that qualifies? [Bergot]

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