This number is a prime.

+ 2!*3!*5! - 1 is an emirp with prime digital sum. [Patterson]

+ The sums of the squares, cubes, fourth, fifth, and sixth powers of the digits of this prime are also primes. [Silva]

+ The smallest of the first four consecutive safe primes that are all emirps (1439, 1487, 1523, 1619). [Loungrides]

+ The only prime that can be represented as sum of two double digit primes (p, q), plus their product, in four ways, i.e., (17, 79), (19, 71), (23, 59), (29, 47). [Loungrides]

+ The smallest 4-digit prime (emirp) with distinct digits that yields another prime when each digit d is repeated d times, i.e., 14444333999999999 is prime. [Loungrides]

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