This number is a prime.

+ In the episode People Are Bunny cartoon character Bugs Bunny calculates the prime number 1297 times 142 in his head and says, "If there's one thing us rabbits can do it's multiply." [Allen]

+ The smallest prime whose reversal is a Fibonacci number squared (7921 is 892). [Gupta]

+ This is the smallest 4-digit prime that produces 5 other primes by changing only its first digit (i.e., 2297, 4297, 5297, 7297, 8297 are primes). [Opao]

+ The reversal of 1297 is a prime square and the square of this prime has a prime reversal. Can you find the next prime like this? [Silva]

+ The largest non-titanic prime p of form p=6^n+1, where n is any number, and the only non-titanic prime for n a composite, (case n=4). The previous three primes are for n=0, 1 and 2. [Loungrides]

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