Guidelines for Curio Authors

As editors we regularly need to decide whether or not to add a curio.  The key question is will people find it curios (interesting, though-provoking, ...)?  The "better" curios make the whole collection better.  The "poorer" curios discourage folks from reading any further.  Of course "better", "poorer", "interesting", even "curious" are all relative terms!  Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

What makes a curios "better" (and likely to be accepted)

What makes a curio "poorer" (and likely to be rejected)


Does this mean a Curio with one (or more) of the better characteristics will always be accepted and one with the poorer will not?  No.  These are just rough guidelines. We always want to encourage experimentation and creativity.  A hard and fast set of rules would make a dead collection.

Surprise us!

The editors.

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