Submitter: Terr

Though quantity is not quality, the Prime Curios! submitters are listed by the number they submitted on another page. This page is about the one submitter 'Terr'.

We begin with the information on Terr from our database on submitters:

This name is not in the submitters database.  There are several possible reasons.  Perhaps we just did not enter the data yet.  We may have no data on Terr to enter.  Is it spelled correctly?

Now we'll scan the curios database for curios attributed to Terr:

First submitted:10/24/2002
Last submitted:3/24/2005
Last modified:3/8/2009
Total in collection:13 curios about 13 different numbers  
Unedited submissions:0
Submitted in last seven days:0 (see 'unedited' in FAQ)

The curios attributed to Terr:

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