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H. C. Williams, Édouard Lucas and primality testing, Canadian Math. Soc. Series of Monographs and Adv. Texts Vol, 22, John Wiley \& Sons, 1998.  New York, NY, pp. x+525, ISBN 0-471-14852-0. MR 2000b:11139 [From the preface: "The main purpose of this book is to show how the modern methods of primality testing have evolved since the time of Lucas. This will be done by tracing the refinement of Lucas' ideas concerning this subject. It will be seen that, like the evolution of today's biological species, modern primality tests have derived from a complicated process of diversification and selection. However I must admit to having intention, and that is to kindle further interest in the problem of primality." This excellent book, written with a deep historical perspective, does an excellent job of ballancing the desire to write for general audience, while still providing the basic proofs.]
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