Lucas cofactor

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(up) Definitions and Notes

The Lucas numbers can be defined as follows:
v1 = 1, v2 = 3 and vn+1 = vn + vn-1 (n > 2)

It can be shown that, for odd m, vn divides vnm

In the same way that we defined a Mersenne cofactor, we define a Lucas cofactor to be a proper divisor of a Lucas number with a prime index.

(up) Record Primes of this Type

rankprime digitswhowhencomment
1V(91943)/551659 / 2390519 / 9687119153094919 19187 E1 Jul 2022 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
2V(91873)/3674921 / 193484539 / 167745030829 19175 E1 Jul 2022 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
3V(86477)/1042112515940998434071039 18049 c77 Sep 2020 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
4V(80761)/(23259169 · 24510801979) 16861 c77 Aug 2020 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
5V(77417)/313991497376559420151 16159 c77 Aug 2020 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
6V(68213)/7290202116115634431 14237 c77 Aug 2018 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
7V(66533)/2128184670585621839884209100279 13875 c77 Dec 2018 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
8V(52859)/1124137922466041911 11029 c8 Oct 2014 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
10857 c8 Mar 2015 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
10V(52009)/39772636393178951550299332730909 10838 c8 Mar 2015 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
10789 c8 Jan 2015 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
12V(51349)/224417260052884218046541 10708 c8 Sep 2014 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
13V(50989)/69818796119453411 10640 c8 Aug 2014 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
14V(49391)/298414424560419239 10305 c8 Jun 2013 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
15V(45953)/4561241750239 9591 c56 Mar 2012 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
16V(43987)/175949 9188 c8 May 2014 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
17V(39769)/18139109172816581 8295 c8 Nov 2013 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
18V(39607)/158429 8273 c46 Dec 2011 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
19V(37357)/20210113386303842894568629 7782 c8 Sep 2013 Lucas cofactor, ECPP
20V(35107)/525110138418084707309 7317 c8 Sep 2013 Lucas cofactor, ECPP

(up) References

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