An Index for Hardy & Wright's The Theory of Numbers

By Chris Caldwell

An Index for
An Introduction to THE THEORY OF NUMBERS
by G.H. Hardy and E.M. Wright
(published by the Oxford University Press, London)

This index compiled by Robert E. Kennedy and Curtis Cooper, Central Missouri State University.

Hardy and Wright's The Theory of Numbers was published in 1938 and is now in its fifth edition (1979). The authors admitted that there were large gaps in their book and that the topics were presented with very little depth. But why did this book become such a classic? In our opinion, the preface to the first edition indicates the reason. There, the authors write that their own personal interests dictated the material to be included and chose topics that they considered "congenial". Thus,as they stated in the preface, they could hardly have failed because "...the subject matter being so attractive that only extravagant incompetence could make it dull."

So, what is the purpose of compiling an index for a classic volume that is probably one of the most respected number theory books of this century? Because it doesn't have one!! It has always seemed, to us, that this had to be an oversight on the part of Hardy and Wright or their publishers. We believe that a good index for a mathematics book enhances the viability of it as a reference for research and study. Hopefully, neither of the authors would mind us constructing an index for their book.

This index is valid for both the 4th and 5th editions.


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