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A titan, as defined by Samuel Yates, is anyone who has found a titanic prime. This page provides data on those that have found these primes. The data below only reflects on the primes currently on the list. (Many of the terms that are used here are explained on another page.)

Proof-code(s): L860, L862, L864, L874, L876, L893, L900, L1112, L1133, p264, L1973, L2022, L2247, L2377
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Username FreeDCPrimeSearc (entry created on 5/23/2009 23:26:11 UTC)
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Total primes: number ever on any list: 1307
Production score: no primes, so no score for current list, total 49.1326

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Free-DC's Prime Search This is a project to search for prime numbers of the form k*2^n-1 (better known as Riesel Primes) to find many Top 5000 prime numbers. The primary goal is to find as many Top 5000 primes as possible in a given range of k and eventually finding mega-digit primes. Our main effort will begin testing in a range just above the lower bound of the Top 5000 Prime level and moving to higher levels as we proceed. A secondary effort will be launched soon that will work on low Nash weight k's for large primes to get into mega-digit level quickly. Our main effort is currently testing all k's in the 3401 to 3999 range, 6001 to 6999 range and 7001 to 7999 range (other than those k's reserved by others) Our website can be found at [broken link removed by editor].

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